• New Sony Xperia Z (Review, Specs, Price)

    New Sony Xperia Z (Review, Specs, Price)

    Some users of Sony’s latest flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z, have complained on Sony forums that their devices have been randomly crashing. Some of these users were able to fix this problem with a hard reset of the device. For those that weren’t able to do so, a fix has been released by Sony to […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Latest Update

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Latest Update

    We have learned that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will have a feature that will allow a user to scroll the screen with their eyes. As you know the Samsung Galaxy S4 hasn’t yet been announced. Samsung is planning a special event in New York City on March 14, where it will release all the details […]

  • Best Smartphones 2013

    Best Smartphones 2013

    With so many new smartphones coming out every year it’s hard to keep track of the best ones. This year a new premium smartphone stepped into the market that rivaled iPhone, that is Samsung Galaxy 3. Nexus 4 also shook the smartphone market when it created a phone that is similar to iPhone and Galaxy […]

  • New Smartphones 2013

    New Smartphones 2013

    Smartphones at CES? Believe it or not, the mobile industry had a somewhat unremarkable presence at this year’s show, as key handsets were few and far between. Most phone makers are much more keen to announce flagship devices at either Mobile World Congress in February or their own press events, so the newsmakers in this […]

  • Nexus 5 Release Date and Specs 2013

    Nexus 5 Release Date and Specs 2013

    Recently Google teamed up with LG to create an ultimate Android phone known as the Nexus 4. The Nexus 4 defied everyone expectations and sold in the millions in just a few weeks. The most appealing feature of the Nexus 4 is its price. The phone is sold at $300 with absolutely no contract, meaning […]

  • 10 Upcoming Android Phones 2013

    10 Upcoming Android Phones 2013

    As we approach the end of the year, Android fanboys and girls are anxiously awaiting even the smallest bit of news, leaks or rumors on the next iteration of Google’s Nexus phone. Well, tonight’s juicy rumor leap frogs over this year’s Nexus, and lands all the way onto next year’s Samsung Galaxy S4. Yes, you […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 2013 (Review, Specs, Release Date)

    Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 2013 (Review, Specs, Release Date)

    Samsung have an impressive history of rugged phones, including the Samsung B2100 and the original Samsung Galaxy Xcover. The first generation Xcover is getting a bit old now, so Samsung have refreshed it with the Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2. The Galaxy Xcover 2 is basically a rugged version of the Samsung Galaxy S III Mini. It […]

  • Is BlackBerry Z10 For Me?

    Is BlackBerry Z10 For Me?

    BlackBerry, remember that phone? Yes you haven’t seen any new ones the past couple of years but you still can’t forget the famous BBM and the hard keyboard. Texting on the BlackBerry phone is so much easier and the email’s and other corporate features were flawless. Recently RIM the company that creates the BlackBerry phones […]