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2. Samsung Galaxy S3


Company: Samsung
Carrier: AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, T-Mobile
Price Regular: $200
Price Unlocked: $650


I love this phone and would certainly recommend it over the Iphone 4s and HTC one X due to its large replaceable battery and SD card slot. Its size is perfect for me, if anything the screen could be even bigger, but then I am a big man myself, girls probably won’t like the size of this phone that much. Under normal useage it will last the day and after the inevitable battery failure you can buy a heavy-duty one to replace it, not something you can do on most other phones. The plastic design is actually a plus for me, it should be very durable and age well, plus its futureproofing ensures it should be easy to sell in 2 years’ time. The biggest disappointment for me was s-voice, after the hype it turned out to be absolute rubbish and samsung’s speech servers are sub-par, much worse than apple’s.Also, under duress the back heats up a bit, though not uncomfortably, and the lack of text-resizing on the stock browser is irritating. Also, battery life is not as stellar as advertised, for instance HD video streaming on full brightness will drain the battery in about 3-4 hrs.


Screen looks unreal, fits comfortably into my hand and pocket, can do anything a tablet can. I love the free apps and the free videos and mp3s i can easily download and play back on android. I enjoy the customization and complete control over ICS.


Guzzles juice under heavy use and can get quite warm when its processor is stretched. Too little ram, it needs 2gb to run properly. I often have to manually clear the ram to be able to play hd games without stutter.Screen too dim for outdoors.

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